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Multiphysics & Thermodynamics Simulation

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    M4Dynamics™ is a Toronto based consulting and software development company specialized in Multiphysics and Solution Thermodynamics Simulations Analysis, Development of custom built applications or physics models, we also offer training in  COMSOL® and GTT-Technologies products; FactSage™, ChemApp™, SimuSage™, ChemSheet™, CSFAP, KilnSimu software, FactSage™ (FACT,SGTE, FS, FT, etc) and GTT oxide databases.


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M4DApps, is our new remote server service to host custom made, ready to use thermochemistry-based applications using SimuSage™ or ChemApp™.


Run powerful process simulation Apps, using any browser in your computer or mobile device. No installation required.


Request more information and login/password at contact@m4dynamics.com


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