In some instances, it is necessary to simulate problems that are not described by any of the available physics modules. Our Experience in having developed PDE based models for such types of simulations will allow M4Dynamics to provide a solution when a new physics model is needed either by creating a PDE based model or a new physics interface using COMSOL’s Physics Builder.

Note that depending on the solution provided, the client might be required to own a valid COMSOL Multiphysics License. To discuss further requirements, please contact us.

A successful simulation of a complex thermochemical system involving coupled Solution Thermodynamics and Multiphysics depends on the description of the Thermodynamic System including all relevant compounds and solution models. Basic database of pure or stoichiometric compounds is provided by M4Dynamics in the form of an input thermodynamic database file.

When known or published solution parameters are available to the client, M4Dynamics will generate the required thermodynamic database files or will perform the required literature search and database generation based on published data.

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