FactSage™ is an integrated database and computing system developed by a long-term collaboration of Thermfact (Montreal, Canada) and GTT Technologies (Aachen, Germany). FactSage is a powerful tool for calculating with a variety of capabilities spread over a wide range of industrial applications.

FactSage™ uses the Gibb’s Energy Minimization technique to calculate equilibrium conditions of systems with multiple phases. It can also be used to calculate phase diagrams, estimate multi-phase equilibria, multi-component predominance diagrams, calculate EpH diagrams etc. Post-processing results is simple and intuitive and various types of graphs, tables, figures maybe generated to present results.

FactSage™ has a very extensive thermodynamic database, enabling it to support a wide variety of industries including mining and metals, pulp and paper, fertilizer, nuclear etc. It is available in commercial and educational versions.

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