We are an Official Agent for GTT-Technologies and ThermFact Ltd.


GTT-Technologies & ThermFact and are world leaders in Thermochemistry and Thermodynamic-based Modelling and critical evaluation and optimization of thermodynamic databases.


Now M4Dynamics offers the entire line of “FactSage Family of Products” including:


FactSage software,

All of FactSage databases (FACT, SGTE, FS*, FT*, etc.)

ChemApp software,

SimuSage software,

ChemSheet software,

CSFAP software,

KilnSimu software, and

GTT oxide database.


M4Dyanamics has extensive experience working with Thermfact and GTT products and we now offer consulting services using the full potential of these products, for example in the development of Thermodynamic-based Process Simulators with SimuSage or in the development of a COMSOL interface for ChemApp, M4Dynamic’s own M4D-CCI.

We also will provide training and workshops for all these products, starting with our next Free workshop on October 20th in Toronto.


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