SimuSage™is a set of components for rapid application development such as Delphi® or Lazarus™, created by GTT. At the core of SimuSage is a robust Gibbs Energy Minimizer.  Each component can be connected in flowsheet-lyke manner  to build complicated process systems with recycling streams, mixers, heat exchangers, optimizers and many more. With an end-user license, all you need your process engineer or operator to do, is change the input values in the model we build for you and perform complicated heat and mass balance calculations for entire process systems. With a developer license, you can create complex simulations of your process. Learn More

ChemApp™ is a programmable and a robust Thermochemical Library (with the Gibb’s Energy Minimizer) that allows you to add thermochemical equilibrium calculations to your software across a wide spectrum of applications or to develop custom build software capable of complex thermochemical calculations for your organization. Learn More

ChemSheet™ is an MS Excel add-in based on powerful Gibb’s Free Energy minimization that makes use of the powerful ChemApp™ minimizer to drive process calculations. The increased versatility allows the user to define problems in a user-friendly interface of MS Excel to calculate solutions for a wide variety of industrial processes. Learn More

FactSage™ is a reliable and efficient tool to perform process calculations. With its large thermodynamic database, this GTT Technologies – Thermfact collaboration product can predict the outcomes of most industrial systems out there! Based on Gibb’s Free Energy Minimization, FactSage™ can give results from as little data as possible about the system. Post-processing the multi-phase component results is easy with the user-friendly interface. Learn More

M4Dlib™ is a COMOSOL® add-in, fully developed by M4Dynamics, that allows to perform thermodynamic equilibrium calculations from within COMSOL Multiphysics®. M4Dlib™ is available for  Windows®, Mac OS® and Linux®.


Now you can perform coupled Multiphysics simulations involving multicomponent and multiphase systems, such as phase change and solidification simulation of non-ideal liquids, complex properties for multicomponent materials can easily be defined and much more.  Learn More

M4D-CCI™ is M4Dynamics® COMSOL® ChemApp™ Interface. You can now access the full potential of ChemApp™ from COMSOL® to solve large and complex thermodynamic systems. M4D-CCI™ is fully compatible with all Thermfact and GTT thermodynamic databases. Like M4Dlib™, M4D-CCI™ expands COMSOL's potential to carry out coupled Multiphysics and Thermochemistry simulations. M4D-CCI also allows to use the powerful Constrained Free Energy technique in COMSOL® to couple reaction kinetics and equilibrium thermodynamics. Learn More

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