M4Dynamics™ invites you to a free workshop on Thermodynamics-Based Process Simulation.  This event is for anyone who wants to advance their skills for simulating metallurgical processes.


 Join us for a day of talks and live demos by experts from M4Dynamics and GTT-Technologies.


Date & Location


City:  Toronto, ON


Time:  9:00am - 5:00pm


Date:  Oct 20, 2017


Location:  Bond Place Hotel


65 Dundas Street East Toronto,

Ontario,M5B 2G8




 Thermodynamics-Based Process Simulation Workshop



Combining Multiphysics & Thermodynamics Simulation with COMSOL® & M4Dlib™ - M4D-CCI™


Tanai Marin, M4Dynamics


When dealing with a simulation problem involving complex multicomponent and non-ideal systems as well as multiple physics phenomena such as fluid flow, heat and mass transfer, phase change or reactive chemical systems, we often have to compromise by solving the thermodynamic problem separately, using a high level or 0D approach, or by solving the multiphysics problem without fully taking into account the complex thermodynamic description of the system in question. Recently, the combination of equilibrium thermodynamic engines with powerful Multiphysics Simulation Software has become more accessible by the development of M4Dlib™ and M4D-CCI™, external libraries for COMSOL®. This combined approach is specially suited to model processes in which it is necessary to describe in detail the spacial and time dependence of the multicomponent system, for example when it is not possible to assume the entire reactor to be in chemical equilibrium.

In this workshop we will present examples of problems involving coupled thermodynamic and multiphysics simulations. We will also demonstrate the use of these tools by showing the step by step solution for some of these examples. Previous knowledge of COMSOL, M4Dlib or ChemApp is not necessary for attendants of this workshop, plus all participants will receive free trials of the software used in the workshop to explore them in more detail and to discover the enormous possibilities for advanced process modelling that these tools can offer.

Thermochemistry-based process simulation with ChemApp™, SimuSage™, and ChemSheet™


Stephan Petersen, GTT-Technologies


Apart from co-developing FactSage, GTT-Technologies also authors its own range of software products in the area of computational thermochemistry.

ChemApp is GTT’s multi-platform programming library that can be linked to a user’s own or third-party software, thus enabling it to calculate complex, multi-phase equilibria. SimuSage, based on ChemApp, is a software component library for Delphi® and Lazarus, allowing for the easy creation of specialized flowsheet simulation software. ChemSheet is developed by VTT Process Chemistry and enables the interactive use of ChemApp from Microsoft Excel® spreadsheets.

All three products are frequently used to model and optimize the thermochemical aspects of processes. The tools will be briefly introduced and example applications will be given.

Suggested Background This workshop is intended to metallurgical and chemical engineers with some knowledge on thermochemistry modelling. Previous experience using COMSOL®, FactSage™, ChemApp™, SimuSage™ is not required. This course is recommended for those who need to carry out high level heat and mass balances of metallurgical processes or for those who are involved in the design of process changes or new treatment processes. Pricing Free of charge.


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